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Introducing #BackToWork, helping Ontario business...

BackAtWork is a non-profit organization created as a response to the devastating and unique impact Covid-19 has had on our economy, especially small businesses. Under these conditions we are losing more businesses and the jobs that go with them each week. The livelihoods of millions of Canadians are being taken from them. With no potential opening date, businesses are confused, feeling hopeless, helpless and alone. Many are coming to the realization that they have to make a very hard choice between defying emergency orders or going bankrupt. We are here to help all businesses in Ontario who need to open. By linking hundreds of businesses, providing a legal team to represent them, providing detailed instructions on how to open as safely and efficiently as possible, and by creating a legal defence fund, all businesses will have access to legal representation.  We are giving the "little guy" a fighting chance.  Please note this is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT TO BREAK THE LAW. We always recommend everybody follow emergency orders. Small business in Ontario represent over 90% of all businesses in the province. Supporting them is vital for our future! 

Instructions on how to join BackToWork Business Network:

  • Go to our official nonprofit website at
  • Make a minimum of a $100 donation to the Legal Defense Fund. 100% of the funds will be used to fund legal fees for Ontario business.
  • Click the "join now" button and complete the form. We will be in contact and arrange a private and confidential meeting.

Benefits of Membership in the BackToWork Business Network: 

    Your personal and business involvement are kept in the utmost of confidence, unless you expressly consent to disclosure for a specific purpose.
    You will have access to the entire network, without disclosing your identity, in order to facilitate strategic and moral support.
  • LEGAL:
    You will have access to counsel provided by the Fund for your defense only and/or appeals purposes only.
    By coordinating our group's non-compliance with the tyrannical orders of the Provincial and Federal government's, whilst maximizing the efficacy and efficiency of getting #BackToWork.

What happens after businesses open:

    You get the freedom to to set your own business practices and policies, and guideline adherence.
  • LEGAL:
    If it at any point you are to receive a "visit" or "compliance notice" from a Municipal Bylaw, or Provincial/Federal Regulation agency, you can IMMEDIATELY (24x7) contact Chris at or 416-400-9994.
    We will IMMEDIATELY retain legal counsel for you defence/appeals, allowing you to remain open and doing business pending resolution of any appeal or response.

Legal Disclaimer:
This article is neither a recommendation nor an endorsement for you to break legal and lawfully enacted laws or regulations, and we advise you to exercise your own counsel to abide by any and all government emergency orders.