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Why I Think Doug Ford is Killing Ontario

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When I attend the #CivilDisobedience events at #QueensPark, I usually tell people about this nexus, and tell them for all intents and purposes, DOUG FORD KILLED ONTARIO.
I hold him personally responsible for his ignorance of the glaring contradiction which exists when comparing the "popular consensus" and the really frightening facts.
We've killed people. Each and every one of us, have contributed to the murder of individuals by first our ignorance of a single particular sector, and then with the egregiously restrictive ("I killed some people, so now you all have to watch your economy die"?) OVER-REACTION done without one iota of critical thinking.

Like the Long-Term-Care negligent homicides. When you heard about the "pandemic," the first thing you did was demand that people stay indoors. Indoors where there is next-to-no sunshine, and you breathe.. recirculated air.
If COVID-19 was as highly contagious as you first thought, that would have rendered apartment buildings (with recirculated air, and laundry shared facilities) a veritable hot-bed for the "spread".

But no, there was no "spike" from having healthy people indoors breathing and re-breathing the same air. I believe your order of "don't go in the sunshine" like we're some sorta vampire, extended to the seniors' care facilities.
Seniors more oft than nought (especially when they're confined to an old-folks home, and/or medicated ad nauseum) have a weakened immune system. No, healthy people just start hitting the bottle, and some of us start hitting our loved ones. Because.. CORONA!


Even after having our theoretical comprehension of COVID-19 so spectacularly invalidated, we KEEP MAKING THE SAME ERRORS. I say errors, because they're no longer mistakes, they're intentionally fallacious gameplay.

We're doing the same thing,
and hoping for different results.

Like an addicted gambler, we throw good money after bad, hoping to will the very nature of reality to distort in order to accommodate our need to be correct. Rather than admitting that we were conned by the #MockingbirdMedia and the corporate monopolies, we just keep on keeping on, still operating from what has been proven a strange and twisted form of #MunchausenByProxy girded up by the collective #StockholmSyndrome which has been seeded by the fascist #FakeNews.


"If you're going out for necessities, or if you're taking public transit and you can't keep two metres apart, we recommend that you wear a non-medical mask or a face-covering, as the Chief Medical Officer has said, Anything that covers your nose and mouth can help protect you, and and the people around you. And I know, that everyone is asking, 'when can I see our family?', 'when can we see our friends?', 'when can social gatherings begin again?'.. we need to keep using common sense..."

Just because everyone believes something, does not necessarily mean it to be true. Remember when that crazy guy said the earth is round? The problem is that we've got confirmation of the "hot-spots" and "confidential experts" are the sorta cretins like those homicidal fuckwhits outed by the veteran Erin Marie Olszewski. If Ford doesn't disclose his "sources" that gave him good reason to basically bar the doors (sorta like they did in China) and incubate the "virus" in a petri dish, while cycling medical staff from one hospital to another, well...

Then he's even more stupid than I thought. Yes Bobby, I think you're as dumb as a pile of bricks. I think you're a frightened momma's boy who's projecting his fear of death and imprisoning anyone you can.
That, and you're a cheap motherf—ker.


In this context, it looks kinda bad for Ford, methinks. First he boxes up vulnerable seniors in a petri dish, denying the touch of family, while simultaneously deferring any "non essential" medical procedures.
How many people died because of his ignorant raping of the routine healthcare system? The odds of a civil action in Superior are next to none. So what about a bunch of individual Small Claims actions against Ford?

You're a dumb-cunt Ford. Less time stuffing your face and more time feeding your mind, you fucking goof.


Death by a thousand cuts,
you're gonna be bleeding money.


Actually kinda fitting.. he "killed" Ontario businesses, after all. Bake me a cake, you numb-skull. What goes around, comes around.. with interest, you big fat man.

Hurt your fee-fees, Bobby? Click here.


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