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The Hubris of the Fat Oligarchs

The whole reason that the countries and states/provinces externalized legal liability on the Municipalities, was to obviate their fiduciary obligation, and limit their legal liability.

Because Ford has gone and made it a PROVINCIAL "mandate," suddenly the Consolidated Revenue Fund is up for grabs in settlement, which means we're no longer limited in damages, but the sky's the limit. Thanks Doug you fat fuck, you should have stuck to pretending that you knew how to bake a cake, because you've just served up the Provincial Purse to the likes of Galati et al.
You're stupid, Doug. You're really, Really, REALLY motherfuckin' stupid. I'm going to enjoy documenting your disastrous fuck-up.

And to think, we actually voted for you. You're gone, you sorry piece of shit. Enjoy the warm greeting this morning, you shit. You shoulda stuck to cakes, because then you're not PERSONALLY LIABLE for your fuck-ups. Rot in hell, you fat sack of shit. ;)