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Saccoccia Insurance File: Alpha

Note: This file is, in the interests of openness and transparency, included as a historical record, or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Don't like that, you can click HERE.

I'll clean it up formatting-wise and it will remain.


Well, this is some of the raw data for my #InsurancePolicy but I haven't been able to go over it and format it yet. I'll do that tomorrow, so long as I can still walk, talk, chew, and type...

Mr Saccoccia is acting really stupid, and ignorant... the fact that he BLEW UP just because I offered some coverage and to offer my acquired knowledge about the ins and outs is rather interesting.

Either he's a #RoidHead, or he's concealing something. He could be concealing the fact that he's #ControlledOpposition or he's a really dumb #Moose.

I don't really fucking care. I'm just going to exercise my democratic rights Saturday at Queen's Park, in a peaceful protest.

So, peace our guys, I'll clean this up and flesh it out tomorrow; to illustrate the details of this misunderstanding, and hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution.


  • Ahem.. putting together my insurance file for tomorrow. I wouldn't usually give a shit, but considering Mr Saccoccia has threatened to break my jaw, and threatened to sue me for so much as posting articles about him, or attributing his works to him.
    Taking the entire chat logs into context, and all is going to be difficult to accurately reproduce, but whatever is posted will have to suffice..
    So I'll just put in a couple (more like 5-6) hours into putting together an insurance package, just in case I wind up getting molested and detained by the bodyguards of Mr Saccoccia, like just another #UsualSuspect.
    These are just a few excerpts of the discussion in which he tried to SLAPP me with his legal buffoonery, and threatened to break my jaw with his poorly executed innuendo.
    Chris, you "cherish" your brand, and then do something stupid like threaten a member of the public.. in an apparent attempt to prevent their participation in this situation which affects us all?
    You paint a very good picture, my friend.. what exactly is a "mroon," buddy? The media wants to see a physical conflict, right? ;)
    If you're gonna toss around your legal innuendo, you will have to remember that your vaunted NFP is called "Backatwork" not "Backtowork".
    A Federally incorporated entity with three directorship seats, and without distinction in its articles, so you are presumed 33% of this directorship.
    I offered some ideas for maximizing effect. You blew up and threatened to sue me for reporting about your antics; then, you threatened to break my jaw, which is called a credible or actionable threat.
    You're an idiot and a hot-head. I'll post my #InsurancePolicy envelope Saturday.

    PS: Your profile is so gangsta-gangsta, but you are most definitely NOT a smooth criminal. Enjoy the show, everyone.  Should I sell tickets to the beating?


  • Chad:
    I may tweak them to have relevant website addresses like UnemployedOntario... I've got a whole raft of them so we can saturate the noosphere with references. Is the whole a hill you're willing to die on?
    Can I get a list of all our (what I'm calling) divisions to our resistance? I know off the top of my head of two:
    — Back To Work | #BackToWork | | (unknown Twatter @ccount)
    — Freedom Ontario | #FreedomOntario | | (unknown Twatter @ccount)

    We need a division targeting the mask psyop. I was planning to spin something up called The Real Mask Sickness (#MaskSickness | [ OR] ) @MaskSickness) to attack the problem of the popularized muzzles.
    If we don't have anything organic already, I've initialized something. However, I'll need some likes before FaceFuck will let me reserve a short URL. So if you think it'd be useful to address the Sickness of the Masks, please invite people to like the startup page so I can secure a short-url.
    Right now it's one of those long-ass URL's that they make you get when you don't have sufficient likes.

    Like I said, it's plain as jane right now. Too busy...


  • Chad:
    Chris can I get a copy of the electronic document (Word Document or whatever) you wife was handing out on Saturday? I'm pushing it primary to, but I'd like to provide some article content (the doc your wife was giving out) and maybe an additional signup form so people will be able to just click a link (like the Lawsuit or Feedback buttons on the site) and quickly fill out the form.
    It'll then be delivered to your email address immediately.
  • Chad:
    I cobbled together a quick piece at WorkingOntario with what I  could garner from your presentation, Chris.


  • Chad:
    Okay guys, I'm going to implement a webform for people to Submit the "Application to join the Back To Work Network" on my sites. This will initially send a message to Chris, who can then contact the applicant and arrange payment. I'll integrate the Commerce aspect so that people can pay with PayPal or GoFundMe later, but I feel it's more important to just spread the word and get people to join.

    Looking at the description though, I recommend having two classes of membership, that for member businesses, and that for member supporters. I know Chris's site goes 

    I advise against GoFundMe because of their tendency to bow to government pressure and violate accounts. Censorship is a VERY real issue when you're going against governments or corporate entities with deep pockets. On one of our earlier projects we went through a discounts hosting company who, at the least bit of resistance from a provincial government, purged everything and nuked our server backups.

    But apart from that, I'll set it up initially to just send Chris an email, and forward the applicant to the GoFuckMe campaign page, and later I'll embed it in an iFrame, or implement a PayPal patch-thru to the 'Backatwork' account, or help you guys get set-up with a PayPal Business payment processor.

    The advantage of PayPal Business is that you can hold the funds indefinitely, and immediately spend use them for other payment. The way Chris has it set-up sounds more like a trust, so whatever. Details, right?

    I'm still working on the backend for my own commerce buttons, so I'll be deploying an example for you if you want to see how it works for the site, and I can easily branch off to receive payments via PayPal and then just transfer them to Chris's PayPal account. It also supports QR codes for maximizing reach.

    Thoughts? This is really helter skelter, but just ask any questions and I'll answer to the best of my limited ability.

  • Chad:
    It's really easy, one-click popup, better than the GoFuckMe headaches.

  • Chris:
    Chad I don't know what you're doing but im going to ask you to stop
    I don't want any platforms trying to mimic me
    If you want to send people to #backtowork group thats fine
    Or to

  • Chris:
    But to set up your own sites and go fund me and PayPal is literally trying to hijack my platform and confused people

  • Chris:
    I appreciate a link to my site and a mention but what you're doing is going to confuse people and dilute my msg

  • Chad:
    Hrmm, whatever you say, Chris. I'm just trying to funnel memership applications your way.

  • Chris:
    Electronic document you requested.

Electronic document you requested.
  • Chad:
    I meant like a PDF, but I've typed it by hand.
    My goal is to act as simply an amplifier for various groups.
  • Chris:
    Chad I appreciate your intent. But as I explained. I don't want anybody mimicking my platform, making any funding aps, or attempting to show partnership or affiliation
    If you would like to post links to my page, go fund me, Facebook group or send out the electronic document please do.
    But I don't want imitation versions of my page. Or other funding applications set up giving peopole the impression tis part of backtowork
    I understand your goal. And I told you my concerns. And since its my non profit, I would appreciate you listening to my concerns
    You have no right to do what you're doing. And it's not helping me or my brand.
    So I'm going to ask you to stop. Thank you
  • Chad:
    Alright...the only mention of on there right now is the video with Libertarian World.
  • Chris:
    Exactly how can you take and clone my site use my pics my info my brand, and then attempt to set up your own funding? Lol
    That's absolutely ridiculous. And without even asking?!?
  • Chad:
    Please don't try to bluff me with the legal Copyright shit, Chris. I'm taking your expressed concerns to heart, but if you have a problem, there's a button on the bottom of the page called LAWSUIT I believe.
  • Chris:
    If that what you want and if it's not down by tomorrow, I will have no choice but to contact my lawyer
  • Chad:
    All of that is publi domain, and Fair Dealing.
  • Chris:
    I don't appreciate you trying to co opt and sabotage my non profit
    No it's not. You're using my official non profit
  • Chad:
    Sigh. Chill the fuck out.
  • Chris:
    And trying to pretend like you have something to do with it. And trying to create a fake fund
    That has nothing to do with the non profit
  • Chad:
    Talk to your lawyer.
  • Chris:
    So I'm going to ask one more time to take it down. Or you will be hearinf from my lawyers
    The fact that you re even attempting. To challenge me on this exposes you for what you are. 🙂
  • Chad:
    Sigh. You need to chill, we'll talk tomorrow.
    If you actually looked at the site, you'd see that it's an aggregate of current events. Stop being so defensive, and just look at the bigger picture...
  • Chris:
    I am looking at the bigger picture
    First of all you posted me on your site, said I wrote an article. Which I didn't. Then you didn't even spell my name right lol
  • And now you're trying to make a copy of my site my sign up process and my funding campaign to confuse people
    And I've already advised you not to do that. And told you the only thing you are authorized to do with my non profit and brand is to link to my Facebook page, my website or my funding campaign and or hand out my electronic materials.
  • Chad:
    I've been baiting Ford to sue me, and I didn't expect that from you, but I deal routinely deal with bullshit legal threats and hollow Notice of Claim SLAPP bullshit, so go right the fuck ahead if you want.
    I'm here to take care of the state's overreach, nothing more. I don't want to deal with your silly flexing (intimidation) so I'll let you cool the fuck down and we'll talk tomorrow, if you want.

  • Chris:
    You have no right to try and copy my site or my campaign and use my images and name and non profit for your own purposes

  • Chad:
    Sigh... you're flexing legal shit?

  • Chris:
    I don't have to flex anything
    I'm telling you how it is
    You have no permission. No legal right. And that's where this ends
    It's obvious you're trying to sabotage me. Not help me
    Or you wouldn't be arguing. And now everybody listening can see your game

  • Chad:

  • Chris:
    And he's not even doing that Cullen. He'd be setting up his own funding cmapaign
    And trying to steal my donations
    With no obligation to give anything to me
    He's simply trying to co-opt and sabotage my entire movement
    It's obvious and it's ridiculous

  • Chad:
    Sigh... chill the fuck out.

  • Chris:
    I'm very chill.
    And now everybody is telling you the same thing
    So if you push forward... surprise. Exposed
    Who makes "separate go fund me" why wouldnt he just link to my page?
    Because he wants to confuse people. Divide my movement and destroy its creidbility

  • Chad:
    Oh wow... egocentricity much?
    Roidhead response, brother. You are not the centre of the universe, Chris.

  • Chris:
    So on record. You have been asked and warned. Do not use my site, my pics, my name, my non profit nor attempt to set up any funding campaign pretending to be affiliated with me
    You are not affiliated with me
    You're not fooling people with your ad hominem attacks. You made this about me when you stole my site, my pics, my funding campaign and my non profit. 🙂 but nice try
    And we'll leave it at that.

  • Chad:
    "You made this about me when you stole my site, my pics, my funding campaign and my non profit. "
    Tell your lawyer to just use the button I made for Ford's lawyers at the bottom of the page.

  • Chris:
    So you're saying you're still gonna aren't to sabotage backtowork 🙂
    Good I wanted you to show your true colours
    For everybody
    Everybody Chad is NOT a friend of the movement. But an infiltrator and attempt to sabotage. Thanks

  • Chad:
    Sigh, you're being silly, Chris.
    If you knew me, you'd understand.

  • Chris:
    And you definitely cant legally use my non profit federally incorproated name without my consent. Nor can you use my pictures and pretend your affiliated with me and def can't use a funding campaign with my name and pic pretending to be affiliated with me. And if you confirm this is what you intend on doing. You will indeed be contacted by my lawyers tomorrow. And if I have to do that. I think it will be pretty definitive you're not "really trying to help" 🙂
    Because when you're telling somebody "I'm just trying to help" and they tell you not to. But you insist "I'm gonna do it anyway" it's pretty obvious your intentions were never to "help" ;). Thanks

    He has no reason to do this
    He could link to my site
    And my go fund me
    But he wants to make a clone version including the funding campaign to de-ligitimize mine
    And confused people and sabotage my campaign.
    There is no "explanation"


  • Chad:
    A "clone version"?


  • Chris:
    Chad. Anything other than a link to my site, group, or funding campaign is going over and above "helping" and I don't want that "help"
    I should not have to explain or discuss this any further

  • Chad:
    A), your site, Chris, is a piece of shit, and if you actually looked at the site, I'm addressing the systemic issue. I offered to help you streamline your recruitment process.
    I'm offering to assist a brother in arms do what must be done, and do it well.

  • Paul:
    Yeah chad just stay the fuck outta this movement that's been building Strong since the get go ...that chrissky

  • Chris:
    You're not streamlining or helping
    And I'm not a fucking mroon
    Chad you have been exposed.

  • Chad:
    Your legal threats are funny, and show how you're floundering the Ford.
    It's kinda funny that we're having this "debate" in a room entitled "Make Ontario Broke Again".

  • Chris:
    Chad all you're doing is making people hate you more every time you type and exposing your self as the infiltraitor
    Thanks 🙂

  • Chad:
    What are you on, Chris?

  • Chris:
    Chad. Nobody wants or needs your help. I want absolutely nothing to do with you. And backtowork will have nothing to do with you.

  • Chad:
    I'd say you sound like a roid-head, but I thought you did it the hard way.
    Due.. your NFP is Backatwork, my friend.

  • Chris:
    If you decide to try and steal my pics, use the name of my registered non profit and or make a fraudulent funding campaign. I will take action. It's that simple.

  • Chad:
    Oh, this is rich.. keep digging, Chris. Just don't lose sight of the real purpose we all share.

  • Chris:
    You're simply an annoyance. And I won't be wasting any more time on you. I just wanted to make sure you exposed your self so you wouldn't be able to cause any more trouble for anybody genuinely involved in the movement. 🙂

  • Chad:
    Let me guess.. this Saturday I fully expect that you'll pull another BS flex and try to get me arrested, right?

  • Chris:
    You have no authorization to use any of my pics/names/registered property or funding campaigns.   It's that simple.
    Why would I do that?
    I don't need to do anything except tell you what I already told you

  • Chad:
    Fair Dealing, my friend. Look it right the fuck up before you eat more of foot.
    Foot in mouth syndrome. Just sayin'...

  • Chris:
    You're simply not going to co-opt/sabotage or use backtowork or my pics or my funding campaign 🙂
    Naw bro. I'm good. No foot in mouth. Clear. Concise. And correct.

  • Chad:
    Look up Fair Dealings in regards to Copyright Law.
    Please, before you make a mistake.
    Then look up SLAPP.

  • Chris:
    Lol yes you can use my pictures but you can't use backtowork lol as it's registered
    The fact your arguing with me over your attempt to sabotage my movement is hilarious whil you pretend to be a friend of the movement lol lol lol
    You have an email address Chad?
    Because I'll have a letter sent to you asap.
    So I guess it's clear now to everybody that Chad is not a genuine person with good intentions.
    But Chad has orders from above
    So he will try to go through with trying to ruin backtowork
    So Chad, email?
    Or will they have to call and ask?
    Because it's obvious you're not gonna stop so now I gotta stop you.

  • Chad:

  • Chris:
    If you tell me you're gonna leave backtowork alone. I'll leave you alone
    If you confirm that you plan on making an imitation version of my site, and funding campaign while using my pictures to promote it.... Well then you'll be contacted soon.
    Entirely up to you.

  • Chad:
    Interesting, Chris.

  • Chris:
    So. Are you going to leave it alone. Or are you gonna "help" even though I'm telling (not asking) you not to?

  • Chad:
    Where on my sites is a "clone" of your site? Honestly...

  • Chris:
    It's not there now. I'm referring to your msg above where you outline how you're gonna build a clone version of my siste, sign up process and funding campaigns
    Which I screenshot and sent to people for proof
    I don't care if you post links or talk about me or even talk bad about me (I'm used to it) but you're not gonna make a fake version of my backtowork page, sign up process or funding campaign. 🙂 it's that simple. And I will take multiple actions to thwart that.
    However if you simply let it go and tell me you'll leave backtowork alone, we re cool.

  • Chad:
    How does one make a "fake" version of a run down outhouse?
    Just wondering.. and if you knew what the fuck you were talking about, you would have viewed my site and realized that it's CLEARLY branded Covfefe Operations. You're a good guy, just with a short fuse from either too much testosterone and not enough release, or you've got rhoid rage.
    So, you can "vent" all the fuck you want, but it's kinda funny that you've automatically jumped to the conclusion that I'm "from the government" or Soros' cabal.
    I even gave you my real facebook connection, but you're acting a bit thick and not realizing something is missing,
    your reasonableness.


  • Chris:
    Bro once again. Trying to make an imitation backtowork site. Using my pics my description, my sign up process and my funding campaign is wrong on so many levels. And I'm not down with it and it's not happening. And it's my decision. I don't care about your insults about me or my webpage, or my initiative in general. I care about protecting the integrity of my non profit.  You were warned you keep going on and on. So as of tomorrow I'm gonna give the heads up to my legal team and they won't bother you, unless you try to do something you're not supposed to.  Cheers
  • Chad:
    See, doesn't it feel better now? You sure showed me who's boss, and then oh so graciously walked your threats back. I asked you if you had done time because that's part of you character, right?
    It's been fun tonight, and tell "your" team that they can just use the form I deployed for Ford:
    Enjoy the night, my friend. Do you know what a Keyser Soze is?

    PS: The NFP is "Backatwork" not Back To Work, silly. Make sure you tell "your" legal team that they should check the regs on SLAPP'ng members of the public.

    Is that more to your liking, Mr Saccoccia? Sorry about the typo...

  • Chris:
    Bro... you're pathetic. And thanks for exposing your self. You are now finished in this movement and you can tell your bosses "I failed" 🙂
    Like all the rest

  • Chad:
    Interesting... not too bright, are we? Did you know that this SAturday is the 10-year anniversary of the shit-show at Queen's Park during the G20?

  • Chris:
    I hope you show up Saturday. I can't wait to tell everybody how you're trying to destroy the movement 🙂

  • Chad:
    Glass houses, and all that.

  • Chris:
    No glass house over here. But I can tell you got a glass jaw, over there ;).   My legal team has been informed. With instructions not to do anything to you, unless you try to fuck with backtowork.

  • Chad:
    Make sure you tell them exactly what statement you uttered was.. you, the "glass jaw" innuendo.
    *you uttered

  • Chris:
    LOL sure bro. I'll be sure to tell them that you look like you can't take a punch. Very relevant.    I'll add that in at the end. After "attempted fraud"

  • Chad:
    Hrmm.. the police are on your payroll, too?
    Last I checked, Fraud was a criminal offence.. just sayin'.
    But you would know that, right? Gangster gangster, and all.

  • Chris:
    Ya fraud like setting up a fake go fund me and pretend it's for a non profit you are not affiliated but use my picture and other content to give the impression it is? Lol ya we call that fraud. And you're right it is a criminal offence 🙂
    You're not even a good agitator bro. You're amateur hour. Not even one of the best they sent so far. Just saying.

  • Chad:
    (Keep digging...)

  • Chris:
    You did have a good idea to destroy backtowork though. If I was dumb enough to give you permission lol. But since you don have permission... you'll just be digging your own grave if you try to fuck me over.  So by all means .... Give it your best shot! (But mak sure you keep telling peopole how you're for the cause!)
    I'm happy you finally exposed your self. I was getting annoyed having to pretend I didn't notice you trying to undermine us every chance you got. Lol playing dumb doesn't bode well for me.
    See you Saturday if you're dumb enough to show up now that everybody knows who you really are 🙂

  • Chad:
    "Lol playing dumb doesn't bode well for me."

  • Chris:
    But I'm guessing like the rest of the cockroaches. Now that the light is on you, it's back to the shadows.  Cheers

  • Chad:
    Brava, brava!

  • Chris:
    Goodnight and good riddance
    Lol the wink that says "ya I'm not gonna be able to do shit". Good luck Saturday. I wouldn't want to be you when everybody hears what you tried to do lol lol lol

  • Chad:
    You know you have a tell, right Chris?

  • Chris:
    Look who's talking 😀 you're the one who blew your cover, got exposed and miserably failed your mission.  "Tell" your bosses that

  • Chad:
    Yes sir, I will  make certain to tell Mr Soros (really, Emperor Palpatine, I can confirm now that you know who I am) that I was detected by the 180 IQ leader of the resistance..

  • Chris:
    You do that :).


Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 08/25/2020 - 15:35
Chris is all bark and no bite! Basically the easiest way to deal with him is to just prove him wrong and bark louder than him. He will cave and cower right in front of your eyes.
Also, by what I read here you can easily see that his primary goal is recognition and fame. Multiple times he mentioned building his "Brand" and "His movement". If he truly believed what he was saying then he would of said things like "OUR movement" and "discrediting us".

He only started this because his company was shut down and he needs the money to finish his multi million dollar house. Plus he was pissed he couldnt send his wife and luxury vacations.
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